1. Responsible to provide a managed IT security services that covers
the enterprise by implementing measures and systems to securely protect
and safeguard information utilizing various forms of technology developed
to create, store, use and exchange such information against any
unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or
improper disclosure, thereby preserving the value, confidentiality, integrity,
availability, intended use and its ability to perform their permitted critical

2. Responsible to monitor the organization’s networks for security breaches
and investigate a violation when one occurs. Install and use software, such as firewalls and data encryption programs, to protect sensitive information.

3. Provide prescriptive guidance and/or root cause analysis of code-level
security vulnerabilities

4. Help guide security quality and risk remediation priorities for code-level
software reviews

5. Investigate and implement source code analysis workflow automation

6. Inspect security vulnerabilities associated with open-source and 3rd-party
functional libraries

7. Assist with evaluations and implementation software security quality and
risk analysis testing solutions

8. Track, report and close software security workstreams

9. Collaborate with development teams to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle and to improve security program


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