1. Manage Network Services, provide comprehensive management and
reporting services to ensure that the network runs optimally and

2. Ensure around the clock availability of mission-critical network resources.

3. Responsible for maintaining the systems that allow organisations to function
and communicate, both internally and externally, on a daily basis

4. Ensure internal networks have the capacity to meet business demands

5. Assist with network management services, this would include the
management, administration and troubleshooting of the following network
services: Core networking, Wireless and Mobility, Performance Optimization,
Managed Network Services. Conducting operations and maintaining the
entire infrastructure of the connected devices and troubleshooting network

6. Monitor network performance on a daily basis.

7. Create reports based on network data and present their findings to decision
makers. Create and enact performance improvement plans

8. Responsible for creating and maintaining the security of user profiles for each
company employee. This usually includes maintaining different levels of
security access depending on one’s status within the company. It also
includes answering user questions related to using the network or the
company-issued hardware.


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